STUCCO VINTAGE ( Concrete Wall & Floor Finishes )

A popular trend today amongst architects, interior designers and consultants alike, is to create a stripped back, wow-factor look using exposed concrete, tarnished steel and natural wood elements in their designs. Using a colour palette of various shades of light to dark grey and charcoal colours, these professionals seek solutions for wall and floor finishes which replicate the appearance of exposed concrete. Stucco Vintage™ provides the solution – a distinctive range of sleek, modern, designer wall and floor finishes which stylishly replicate the appearance of exposed concrete.

For the interior walls, Stucco Vintage Venezia, and for the exterior walls, Stucco Vintage Roma, offer the perfect alternative. While for the floor, Stucco Vintage is the way to go. Many times the floor system is required to go over an existing non-absorbent floor such as ceramic tiles, epoxy coated floors, or even waxed floors – for this Stucco Vintage S 200 provides the solution due to its high bonding properties.
The Terraco Group remains at the forefront of creating and formulating products to meet the interior decorator’s creative designs for the modern spaces we live in today. With 21 factories servicing over 75 countries, the Group produces a range of environmentally friendly construction materials which include putties, skim coats, renders, decorative coatings, exterior insulation finishing systems, waterproofing, tiling products, acoustic systems, and various floor coatings.

Terraco forges ahead as a leading solution provider to expand its popular range of architectural wall and floor finishes.
Terraco Stucco Vintage – the next generation of wall and floor finishes.


Features and Benefits • Hard wearing • For interior floors • Two component product: cementitious powders + liquid resin • Available in 7 standard colours • Finish system with epoxy clear coating to protect the designer floor    (suitable for areas not subject to UV)


Areas of Use • Food courts • Cafes and Bars • Commercial offices • Retail spaces

Stucco Vintage G200 is a unique exposed concrete appearing interior floor finish available in a standard range of bespoke colours.


Application (onto concrete substrate)

Coverage  4.5kg/m² (3mm thick)

Drying time  48 – 72 hours

Mix 20kg powder + 4kg liquid

Package 5kg Resin And 15KG Bag