TERRAGROUT G11 is a general-purpose water-resistant ceramic tile grouting compound for interior / exterior use and is designed to fill joints up to 5mm in width. TERRAGROUT G11 complies with the requirement of EN 13888 and passes all tests required for CG1 classified grouts. TERRAGROUT G11 is available in a range of attractive colors.



  • Crack-free jointing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Range of attractive colors
  • Water resistant
  • Easy workability

TERRAGROUT G11 can be used in wet areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Product; Polymer modified ceramic tile grout

Material Consumption; 0.5 – 1.0 kg per m2 depending on the substrate

Binders; Hydraulic / organic

Water Consumption; 30% by weight

Fillers; Crushed, precisely graded extenders

Colors; Available in an attractive standard colour range

Quality Type; Passes tests as per CG1/EN 13888

Packaging; 5kg plastic bag x 4nos (in cartons) / 25kg paper bag (available only in white colour)

Additives; Plasticizing agents, adhesion improving substances as well as water retaining agents