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A Vision For Exquisite Finishing Works


Reputed for doing finishing works with subsidiaries that conduct operations all over the Maldives, Maziya is one of the leading painting companies in the Maldives. Our success is driven by our highly skilled workforce with their unrelenting focus on delivering results exceeding the customer expectation by operating responsibly, punctually and executing every step with excellence considering feedback from every client and proactively applying innovative technologies for efficiency.


We trace our beginning to 1970’s when the Late Mr. Zakariyya Hameed, Founder of this Service, formed a small group of five known as “Maziya” and commenced painting while attending other finishing works in the City of Male’.
Despite the low demand for the service with modern buildings having yet to rise higher as the construction industry developed later in the future, the Late Mr. Zakariyya Hameed continued to peruse his vision of excellence in finishing works and breathtaking yet, durable paint works all around the City of Male’.
Being reputed for using the first can of Emulsion paint ever imported to the Maldives, the late Mr. Zakariyya Hameed led Maziya to work on all the Major Governmental projects that were carried out in the Maldives during the 80’s that led to the diamond graded foundation of the company that we stand on today.
Following the footsteps of the late Mr. Zakariyya Hameed, the current board of directors were only employees working alongside Mr. Zakariyya Hameed including his son, Mr. Ahmed Sajid, Currently the Managing Director of Maziya Service Private Limited.
After being assigned Managing Director of Maziya Service Private Limited, Mr. Ahmed Sajid has expanded the business investing in other Industries and turned the Business into a Conglomerate.


With an endless raise for demand and unexplored markets, our aim is to establish a branch in each Atoll of the Maldives to continue giving our service in a more accessible way to those within other Atolls of the Maldives. We have previously started to foresee our business as a conglomerate and invested in the Tourism Industry with our Safari Launch “Finch” enabling us to open doors for our excellent service to be equally used in the largest industry of the Maldives. Furthermore, as finishing and painting works are merely a small fraction of the construction industry, we have recently invested in the second largest industry, the construction industry, being the only construction company that provides customizable finishing works with 30 years’ experience of specialization in finishing works delivered to customer specification without the need for assigning the interior and finishing works to a third party company.

Environment and Safety

Believing that our employees are the root to success in our company we are always concerned about the wellbeing and safety of our employees on a managerial level, ensuring the safety of our employees with largely stated guidelines for operating in a safe work environment along with company provided medical. Thus, with a high regard for the environment all our products are Eco-Friendly as our employees are working hard to sustain the environment and slowly working towards a minimum paper and no plastic use work environment.

What truly sets Maziya apart from other organizations is the company’s continuous commitment to trade and use ecologically friendly products and have a stake in environmental preservation.

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