Handycoat Gypsum Joint Compound

Handycoat® Gypsum Joint Compound™ is specifically formulated ready to use interior filler

compound for jointing and skimming of gypsum boards. It has excellent application properties

and provides a superior bond for embedding glass fiber scrim. It has excellent non-slump

properties. It can also be used as general purpose filler for cementitious surfaces and is ideal for

patching hairline plaster cracks.


Pack size 5 kg and 28 kg buckets

Coverage Approximately 70 m2 of drywall per 28 kg (as joint compound),

25-35 m2 per 28 kg depending on substrate conditions when

applied as skim coat all over.

Dilution With water, up to 0.5 ltr per 28 kg, if required

Colour White

Application By spatula

Standards Complies with ASTM C 475 & ASTM C 840

Storage 12 months in original unopened containers