Terrafix is a versatile, easy to apply mortar for the mounting and laying of marble slabs, ceramic tiles, glazed and unglazed clinkers and mosaics. It is suitable for use on walls and floors of concrete,

lightweight concrete and plaster for both exterior and interior surfaces. Terrafix can also be used in swimming pools, laboratories and cold stores. It is frost-proof and resistant to high temperatures,

therefore being ideal for both hot and cold climates. Terrafix is both hydraulically and organically bound, guaranteeing good adhesion of the tiles to the surface



Product Cementitious tile adhesive supplied in powder form.
Binder Hydraulic and organic binders.
Filler Inert finely graded washed fillers of dolomite and quartz.
Colour Light grey and white.
Additives Plasticizing agents, adhesion improving substances, as well as water retaining agents.
Toxicity Free from toxic substances.
Temperature Resistance Not affected by frost and withstands peak temperature of +140oC and permanent exposure of +80oC.
Consumption 0.85 kg/m2 per 1mm layer using notched trowel method. Actual consumption will depend upon the surface.
Water Consumption 6 – 7 ltr water per 25kg of Terrafix.
Packaging 25kg lined sacks.
Storage 6 months in original unopened containers.