Supertex base coat

Supertex is a two coat exterior coating which gives a luxurious gloss
finish coupled with a variety of texture type dependent on application
method. It is an acrylic coating and was specifically developed for use
in areas of extreme climatic conditions. Supertex is highly resistant to dirt pick-up from the atmosphere thereby
keeping building facades clean for many years. This system also allows water vapour to pass from the
structure to the atmosphere but will not allow water ingress.



Supertex is primarily designed for exterior facades
and surfaces of buildings such as commercial
and industrial complexes, office projects,
hospitals and housing development. It gives an
attractive glossy texture to fairfaced concrete
walls, pillars, columns etc. Supertex can be used
on all concrete surfaces, rendering, lightweight
concrete, stonework, brickwork, blockwork,
plywood, antirust primed steel and galvanised
steel. It can be used to renovate previously
painted buildings. It performs equally well on
interior surfaces of gypsum, dry-wall and
chipboard etc.