Acrylic Filler is a ready to use filler for use on all common building surfaces, including timber. It gives a high
quality, even surface for painting. Acrylic Filler is
specifically manufactured for the painter to repair and touch
up exterior and interior surfaces, both new and old, prior to painting. It is designed for filling joints, hairline
cracks etc. by hand application. Unlike conventional fillers, Acrylic Filler
has elastic properties, does not flake
off, is permanent and retains its adhesion.

Acrylic Filler is a quick drying ready mixed paste
formulated using acrylic binders and precisely graded white marble powder.
Acrylic Filler is suitable for exterior as well as interior surfaces. When dry, Acrylic Filler is weather resistant and bonds extremely well to cementitious materials, gypsum, gypsum boards, sprayplaster, wood, galvanised and primed anti
rust steel surfaces etc. As a the in coat filler for patching hairline cracks in walls, ceilings, soffits, repair to damaged plasterwork, paintwork, filling holes and defects in woodwork, making good to exposed concrete,
filling of dents in galvanised and anti rust primed metal
Product ;Ready mixed quick drying filler for exterior and interior surfaces
Binders Styrene acrylate.
Fillers Fine precisely graded fillers.
Dilution With water if required.
Coverage 0.5-1.5kg/m2 depending on substrate conditions.
Layer Thickness Maximum 1mm.
Specific Gravity 1.75
Colour White.
Durability Negligible shrinkage.
Standard Compliance ASTM C-475
Toxicity Non-toxic.
Packaging 25kg and 5kg pails
Storage 12 month in original unopened containers.