Terrascreed HB-100

Terraco Terrascreed HB100

Terrascreed HB 100 is a high build, single component, quick drying, cementitious, polymer modified, self-leveling floor
and screed compound used internally to level new or existing substrates from 5mm to 30mm in order to receive vinyl,carpets, tiles, and wood flooring.
Terra-screed HS 100 is a high strength, single component,quick setting, cementitious, polymer modified, self-levellingfloor and screed compound used internally to level concrete
floors and screeds prior to the installation of the floor finishing system.


Areas of Use
TerrascreedTM HB 100 – High build
Superior underlay for vinyl and timber floor coverings
It may be used under carpet and tile if quick covering time is
Reinstatement of new or existing concrete floors subject to foot
traffic, industrial equipment, and fork lift traffic or trolleys
Residential, commercial and industrial applications
Heavy industrial traffic areas
Wet areas (not immersed)
With under-floor heating

Features & Benefits

A quick-setting polymer modified cementitious compound
Excellent adhesion and strength properties
Versatile – ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts
Ideal for new floors and renovation work
Advantageous to use in conjunction with under-floor heating
increasing heat transfer by ±30%
Optimum drying speed allowing foot traffic within as little as 24
Ultra-low VOC