SUPER MARINE A/F-3020 / 3020

SUPER MARINE A/F 3300 /3020

Supermarine A/F-3300, is a special synthetic resin based anti-fouling paint with a high content of anti-foulant, providing extended protection against results in fuel saving and elimination of lost time due to reduction in speed resulting from fouling

Supermarine A/F 3020,  is a chlorinated rubber and hydrocarbon resin tin free anti fouling coating used over chlorinated rubber or new or old epoxy on ship bottoms. This is economical antifouling coating with good adhesion and durability.



Waterborne paint used for concrete, cement, mortar, and gypsum under interior condition


  1. Surface Preparation Primed steel surfaces must be free of oil, dust, and any other contaminants.
  2. Environmental Conditions 1) Air temperature : 5 ~ 38℃ 2) Surface temperature : 5 ~ 40℃ 3) Relative humidity : Up to 85% 4) The surface temperature must be at least 3℃ above the dew point to prevent moisture condensation.
  3. Application equipment 1) Airless or conventional spray, power mixer. 2) Airless spray Tip size – 0.017~ 0.025inch Output pressure – 2100psi /143atm 3) Conventional spray A moisture and oil trap in the main supply line and mechanical pot agitator are essential. 4) Thinning ratio : About.10%(airless spray)
  4. Safety Precautions 1) Keep away from heat and open flame. 2) Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 3) Keep adequate ventilation during application. 4) Avoid breathing of vapors or spray mist


1. Surface preparation ,Primed steel : Surfaces must be free of oil, re-rust, dust, and any other contaminants. ; Steel with old coating : Blast all surfaces(remove old coating, sea weed and sea shells)

2. Environmental Conditions ,Air temperature : 0~38℃, Surface temperature: 0~50℃ ; Relative humidity : up to 85% ,The surface temperature must be at least 3℃ above the dew point to prevent moisture condensation.

3. Application Equipment , Conventional or airless spray, power mixer, brush  Airless spray: Tip size-0.019~0.021inch Output pressure-2100psi/143atm (*Airless spray data are indicative and subject to adjustment) , Thinning ratio: Up to 5%(Vol)

4. Safety Precautions
1) Use the paint within 12 months.

2) Store it indoor (5~35℃) condition, avoiding heat and open flame. And, keep it standing and being closed.

3) When used in rainy day, high humidity(Over 85%) day, low temperature(Under 0℃) condition, avoid the painting.

4) Don’t mix with other paints.

5) Even if you use same product(color, lot), the painting equipment and method(thinning ratio) can cause different color. So, you should check the color before using it.

6) After painting, clean the exposed skin.

7) When you dispose of it, follow the rules.

8) Use if in shelf life. Even if the shelf life passes by, it can be used after checking to our customer center. Because the paint can go deterioration and make settling.

5.Warning notice
Please consult our enclosed here with
warning notice.

6. Typical Systems
Standard system(Epoxy type)
Superpoxy1000 125 ㎛ ×2coats
Supermarine TC 5500 100 ㎛ ×1coat
Supermarine A/F-3300 125 ㎛ ×2coats

Finish  Flat
Color  SeaBlue, Blue, Dark Blue, Red Blue, Dark Grey
Applied over Primed steel , wood, fiber etc
Components 1
Solids by volume About 50%
Recommended D.F.T 200~250 ㎛
Coats 2~3
Theoretical Coverage
2.0 ㎡/L ( @ D.F.T. 250 ㎛) * Allow for application losses and surface irregularities.
Drying time(20℃)
Dry hard : 5hrs To recoat(min) : 5hrs
Curing time for Immersion service
5 hours (at 20℃)
Superthinner 200, Thinner034 Superthinner 80
Shelf life
12months (when stored indoor at 5 ~ 35℃)