composed of acryl resin, is designed to have excellent durability, adhesion, working, and fast drying properties, It has excellent weather, water, and alkali resistances, making it the perfect interior/exterior topcoat for all kinds of concrete and cement buildings



Used as a topcoat for slate, cement, wood ,steel and concrete surfaces.


  1. Surface Preparation All surfaces must be free of rust, grease, oil, moisture or other contaminants.
  2. Environmental Conditions Air temperature : 5-35℃ Relative humidity : up to 85%
  3. Application Equipment brush, spray, roller.
  4. Safety Precautions 1) Keep it away from open flame. 2) Do not use on alkyd oil painted surfaces. 3) Avoid eye and excessive skin contact. 4) Do not mix with other paint. 5) Store the paint out of children’s reach. 6) If the surface may develop bubbling due to texture patterns, pre-coat with thin Boncoat AC Clear before using the topcoat.


Finish …  high gloss

  • Colors .. white + wide range
  • Applied over …concrete ,wood, steel, and cement
  • Components … 1
  • Volume solids … 34~41 %
  • Recommended dry … 45㎛ film thickness
  • Coats … 1-2
  • Theoretical… 7.5~9.1m2/L(@45㎛D.F.T) * Allow for application losses and surface irregularities.
  • Application … brush, spray, roller
  • Drying time at 25℃ dry hard …1 hr to recoat… After3 hrs
  • Thinner … SB-TN-133
  • Shelf life… 1 year from manufacture date when stored indoors at 5~38℃