ULTRADRY is a ready for use heavy duty waterproofing made from special latex. This product is used as a waterproofing at bathroom floor, water tank, swimming poool, basement wall, flat roof, and also can be use for repaing or coating damp surfaces or ULTRADRY  has escellent adhesion to wet or damp substrate and a sound base for subsequent painting.

Advantages :
• Dampproof
• Stop water/ moisture penetration
• Cover water spot
• Stop water seep
• For interior and exterior


Application Procedures :

  1. On the application area, remove all existing old paint, wall compound till concrete surfaces found. Clean them from dust or other contaminants using sand paper.
  2. Stir ULTRADRY throughly before and during application. Diluting is strictly prohibited.
  3. Apply ULTRADRY onto the surface using brush/roll. Please make sure the tools are clean.
  4. Allow the first coat in dry touch condition before apply the second coats. Normally it takes 3 hours, may vary due to substrate condition and room temperature.
  5. Apply the second coat in cross direction, make sure all area is well-covered, apply third coat if necessary.
  6. Allow ULTRADRY to dry for 1 day.
  7. Coating result may have a rough texture, sanding in order to get smooth surfaces, cement filler can be applied. Afterwards that common wall paint can be applied.
Type Water based acrylic
Color White
Finish Matt
Theoritical coverage 750 ml/m² (400 microns)
Drying Time – Surface dry 1-2 hours (30º C)
– Hard dry 6 hours
Recoating interval 2 hours
Packaging 1 liter and 2,5 liter
Shelf Life 12 in unopened container
Application method Brush and roll
Cleaning Wash all equipments immediately with clean water, after use