TRAFFIKOTE TFK-108 is a paint made from 100%
high quality acrylic specially formulated for
line painting on roads, sidewalks, parking floors, floors
factory, playground, etc. TRAFFIKOTE TFK-108 is suitable
applied to interior and exterior floors
made of concrete, asphalt and paving blocks. TRAFFIKOTE
TFK-108 is a paint that is resistant to abrasion and
heavy load so as to avoid painting
 1 kg & 2.5 kg packaging is available

1. Clean the floor surface from mold, mildew,
oil or other impurities. For old floors
which has been painted, peeled the old paint until it arrived
really clean. Make sure the floor surface
dry and clean before applying.
2. Stir TRAFFIKOTE before
3. Apply the first layer of TRAFFIKOTE with
use brush or roll evenly.
Then apply the second layer after 1-2
hours for maximum results. Spreadability
about 20 meters run / kg (10 cm wide, 200 thick
4. For applications using spray, add
± 10% water as diluent.
* For Reflective Effects:
Sprinkle TRAFFIKOTE Glassbeads immediately
after the paint is applied. TRAFFIKOTE Glass-
beads must be 60% dipped on the surface of the paint
which has been applied to get
optimal and permanent reflective effect