is a two-component air-drying type paint based on acrylic polyol and polyisocyanate. It has such good characteristics as adhesion, mechanical property, chemical resistance, weather resistance, sea water resistance for heavy equipment machineries and general coatings on metals,fiber,wood Especially, it has so good workability by roller and air-spray



Automobile, heavy equipment, general coating on metals, FRP etc.


  1. Surface Preparation All surfaces must be free of rust, oil, moisture or other contaminants.
  2. Environmental Conditions Air temperature : 5~35℃ Relative humidity : up 85%
  3. Application Equipment Air spray, roller, brush.
  4. Safety precautions 1) Keep away from heat open flame. 2) Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 3) Keep adequate ventilation during application. 4) Mix the material according to designed mixing ratio, and use after stirring it until uniform mixing. 5) Use mixed material within pot life. 6) Don’t mix with other paints.


  • Finish-Gloss (Semi-gloss and flat is available by order)
  • Components -2
  • Volume solid – 41%
  • Color- Clear and wide range
  • Recommended dry – 35~45 μ m Film thickness
  • Theoretical coverage – 10.3m2/L(Dry Film thickness 40μ m) *Allow for application losses and surface irregularities.
  • Dry time(25℃) 20℃ 60℃ Dry to touch 10min 3mins Dry through 6hours 2hours To recoat 1hours 30mins Pot life 8hours *pot life and drying time are dependent on temperature
  • Mix ratio – 5:1(by volume)
  • Thinner -Thinner 200
  • Application viscosity – 13 – 23sec(Ford Cup#4 )
  • Shelf life – 8months (from manufacture date when stored indoors at 5~38℃)