Acro Multi-Primer, mainly composed of a special acryl-emulsion and pigment with outstanding weather resistance, is a primer paint that is designed for prevention chalking and efflorescence on its different structures.   It is a superior primer for all different types of cement, mortar, concrete structure. And also, It gives  excellent hiding power on the wall



Used to prevent chalking  and  efflorescence  on its different structures, especially for where cement is principle componet.

It is used for Surface Preparation on cement structures.


  1. Surface Preparation: Prepare the surface free from any dirt, rust, grease and moisture
  2. Temperature Range :Air temperature: 5-35 C ,Relative humidity: up to 85%
  3. Application Equipment :Brush, roller, and airless spray
  4. Safety Precaution
    • Avoid eye and excessive skin
    • Do not apply if the temperature is below 5”C
    • Tightly seal unused paint
    • Store away the remaining paint products away from children’s
    • Do not freeze the paint and uniformly stir before



Finish;  flat

COLOUR   ; white

Applied over  ; cement, mortar, concrete ,wood etc

Components;      1

Available Quantities ; 4LTR and 18LTR

Theoretical coverage;   1 LTR covers 100sqft

*Allow application losses and surface irregularities

Drying time at; 25°C

Dry through ;1 hr

Dry to recoat ;After 3 hrs

Thinner ;Water

Thinning ratio  ;Within 5% (by volumn)

Shelf life ; 1 yr from manufactured date when stored indoors at 5-38°C.