MULTIPOX MX-99 is a two component solventbase epoxy special formulated for top coating many kind subtrates such as concrete, gypsum, metal, GRC, wood, etc.
MULTIPOX MX-99 suitable for floors, walls andceiling in aplace where high degree of cleanliness and clean ability as required.

Advantages :
• Excellent adhesion for many kind subtrates
• Excellent resistant house hold chemiclas such as ketchup, sauces, salt, vegetable oil, kerosene, alcohol, etc
• Resistant to mild chemical such as oil, gasoline, acid, alkali, aromatic solvent, etc
• Abrasion restance
• Easy to apply just brush and roll
• Available in 12 in 12 attractive colors and clear

Packaging : 1 Liter Set (include thinner)

Colors :

  • Standar : White, Ivory, Light Grey, Light Alabaster, Beige, Pale Green, Black, Light Blue, Leaf Green
  • Special : Traffic Yellow, Gentian Blue, Geranium

Application Procedures :

  1. Clean the surface from rust and other contaminant using wire brush, grinding and other tools as needed.
  2. For application on metal substrate, apply anti corrosion primer coat METALKOTE EDP-551  Zinc Chromate/Zinc Phosphate and let dry for 12 – 24 hours before apply MULTIPOX as top coat. For non metal subtrate primer coat is not needed.
  3. Apply mixed MULTIPOX MX-99 with recommended mixing ratio by volume Component A : B : Thinner = 2:1:1 by brush, roll or spray. Let it dry ± 10 – 12 hours (overnight).
  4. Apply MULTIPOX MX-99 one more coat by roll and brush for optimum result.Use ailess spray gun for better and smoother result.
Type Two Component polyamide cured epoxy enamel
Finish Gloss
Theorithical coverage 5 m?2; /lt-set (100 micron per layers)
Drying time Surface dry 30 minute (30° C)
Touch free 4 hours (30° C)
Hard dry 10 hours (30° C)
Package 1 lt-set (thinner included)
Shelf life 1 year in unopened container
Diluent Thinner included
Application method Kuas and roll
Cleaning Wash all equipments immediately with clean water, after use.