PROSEAL FLEXIBLE ACRYLIC SEALANT PAS – 100is an exceptionally, high performance, suitable for filling and sealing of gaps or joints. It can be used for interior and exterior areas (not submerged underwater or not having prolonged exposure to water). PROSEAL FLEXIBLE ACRYLIC SEALANT provides excellent adhesion to plasterboard, wood, brick, concrete, painted surface and ceramic tiles.  PROSEAL FLEXIBLE ACRYLIC SEALANT can be painted over with most of types of paint and resistant to water, humidity and fungus.

Features & Benefit :

  • Flexsible
  • Elastic
  • Can be Painted
  • Good Adhesive Power

Packaging : 300 ml/tube



  1. All surface should be clean, dry and free from dust or grease. Ensure all loose material is removed from working area.
  2. Cut nozzle at 45o angel to diameter required. Cut diaphragm on catridge. Place cartridge into caulking gun, bottom end first.
  3. Hold gun at 45o angle with noozle in contact with both sides of joint
  4. Apply by pushing sealant ahead of the noozle, thus ensuring filler is pushed firmly into place. Remove excess filler with a wet putty knife or damp cloth
Type Acrylic Waterbased
Color White, Brown, Grey, Black, Clear
Application tools Caulking Gun
Material consumption 12 m/tube untuk kedalaman celah 5 mm dan lebar celah 5 mm
Drying 15 Minutes
Drying time 2-3 Days