DURA flex – Fiber Cement Board

is and asbestos -free, high quality fiber cement product with superior features such as durability, sound insulation , moisture and fire resistance designed for the interior and exterior applications of ceiling, wall and floor. its lean and light structure design helps to save cost and enhance construction productivity  with excellent moisture resistance features, duraflex fiber cement board is suitable for application in harsh climate condition as well as wet areas such as kitchen bathroom and cold storage warehouse .


DURA flex – Fiber Cement Board

is new material for interior and exterior application of ceiling,wall,and floor .the product meets the need of rapid completion for all construction works

Available Sizes

4mm ( 4ft x4ft)

6mm (4ft x 8ft)

9mm (4ft x 8ft)

12mm (4ft x 8ft)

18mm (4ft x 8ft)

Benefits of  fiber cement board

1- Fire proof

2-Anti Termite

3-Easy to install

4-High impact resistance

5-Excellent moisture resistance

6-Extra durable

7-Super Firm

8- Free of Asbestos